New Car Sell Off was developed by someone who made their living buying and selling cars online – a vehicle broker. As I struggled to find accurate listings of vehicles to buy, it occurred to me that if someone like me who did nothing but search for vehicles online all day was finding it frustrating, how in the world would a regular retail person manage to do it. With the lack of information, pictures or a realistic price, it made purchasing online nearly impossible. I knew that the dealers had vehicles they were desperate to sell for a variety of reasons: too many of one type, wrong vehicle for their market, or just last year's models that they would move at cost or less. I also knew from my buying experience that these dealers upon request would offer you a better price on their entire inventory substantially less than retail and send you pictures, but I never could figure out why they wouldn't make it easier for the consumers right off the bat. As a result New Car Sell Off was born – a place where dealers could "blow out" certain vehicles to online buyers and still promote their new at a fair price for people who don't really like the car lot experience and would prefer to just get the bottom line price without having to be an expert negotiator.
Because of the success of New Car Sell Off, we were asked by both the dealers and the retail customers to come up with a better way for consumers to buy used. I used my decades of used car buying experience and set up the site using the criteria that I would use when I was looking for a used vehicle. I used the following checklist or criteria to determine the best quality vehicle first: was the vehicle inspected, was it reconditioned, had it been in an accident, did it have low kms and did it have warranty – and so the Five Star Rating was developed. Vehicles that met these criteria are obviously better vehicles than those that don't. So our site sorts through all the criteria and it pushes the best cars to the top of the search so you don't need to be an expert to find the best one.
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