It may come as no surprise that a good credit score is going to land you the best car finance rates and eliminate the need for bad credit finance. What if your credit is not so good, don’t you still deserve the lowest possible car financing rates? We think so! That is why we offer you options to improve your credit score. We can connect you with credit repair companies that will help improve your credit score so that you can qualify for better car finance rates and car loan refinance options. Have you been in the frustrating situation of going to bad credit car dealerships and applying for car finance with bad credit and still get denied due to a low score, then you need to take a closer look at one of our credit repair options.

While millions of consumers have active accounts with credit reporting agencies, unfortunately, that information being reported is not always correct. It is extremely important that all credit reporting information is a fair and accurate; however, errors in the credit reporting process frequently occur. In fact, one study from the U.S. Public Interest Group found as many as 79% of credit reports contained serious errors or other mistakes. It has been found over and over that sloppy credit report bureau practices have led to mistakes that come at a price to the consumers. The result of this broken system is that the burden of proof has shifted from the creditor and credit reporting agencies right back to the consumer. Time after time when the consumer tries to fix the inaccuracies or dispute inaccurate credit report information, it can be difficult and frustrating and lead to little or no success for fixing their credit. The reality is that it takes certain knowledge, skills and time to battle these major credit reporting agencies to correct your credit report. These are skills most people typically do not possess.

That is why New Car Sell Off will connect you to the most specialized credit repair experts to get the job done right. There are specific credit repair companies that specialize in consumers that have an inaccurate credit report.

How to use credit repair to re establish your credit rating

Would you be a good candidate for credit repair? Take a deeper look. The first step is to obtain a free credit report from credit reporting agencies such as Equifax and Trans Union. If this is something you are unable to do yourself, don’t worry, you will still be able to apply credit repair, the company will obtain your credit report with your permission. Your credit report will include your credit score, credit rating, credit history and the credit check inquiries on your report.

Simply Complete Apply Credit Repair a representative from The Credit Repair Agents will contact you for your free credit consultation.

Features of being a member of The Credit Repair Agents include:

Access To Your Account 24/7!

Stay up to date on all activity on your account. You can log into your credit “back office” and see exactly what is being done to repair your credit report.

Unlimited Investigations

There are no hidden fees. The Credit Repair Agents give unlimited disputes and do not charge per deleted item on your credit report. Whether you have one or one hundred negatives items on your credit report, you will be treated the same way.

The Credit Repair Agents are so confident in their ability to help you, that they challenge you to put them to work for you. Nothing is more important to The Credit Repair Agents than your credit goals and getting nothing but the best credit repair results so you have an accurate credit report!

Some insist that individuals cannot repair their credit without waiting years for negative items to be removed. Don’t believe them. The Credit Repair Agents have been doing this for a long time and continually refine and redefine credit repair strategies and have secured methods that provide optimal performance.

Four essential steps that make up the process of cleaning up your credit report. These steps are repeated until you are satisfied with the results.

          Step One         We examine your credit reports.

                             Step Two        We develop a plan for which items to dispute

                       Step Three     The Credit Repair Agents work your case

Step Four     Sit back and wait for results

Simply Complete Apply for Credit Repair a representative from The Credit Repair Agents will contact you for your free credit consultation.