CarFDTo get the best car finance deal, it’s important to understand two things: the current marketplace for car finance rates (including lender options and financing offers) and your own personal financial situation or possible limitations. Are new car loans rates better than used car loan rates? It depends… so what are the best car finance deals?

A good car finance deal is usually one with a low finance rate. Many dealerships and manufacturers offer 0% car finance deals in the hopes of attracting buyers. When regular car finance rates for new car loans and used car loans are already so low, an offer of 0% car finance may only be worth a few thousand dollars in savings. Another option for car finance deals is to select a car finance loan with a low interest rate over the car finance loan offering 0% rate. You may be able to negotiate the savings into a lower price for the vehicle. Remember 0% car financing may not always be your best car finance deal since the cost of the interest will be included into the price of the car. The savings can be put towards other costs such as warranties, etc.

With 0% financing offers there are restrictions which may or may not work for your situation. Best car loan rates are usually for people with excellent credit and qualify for high payment car finance loans. The reasons for these best car finance deals at lower rates is they typically carry shorter terms and have higher payments as a result. A limited stock of vehicles may result leaving less selection within remaining inventory on the dealer’s lot.

In general, longer loan terms come with higher car finance rates. If you are considering a new car loan on a tight budget, you may want to consider leasing the vehicle instead of car finance. Lease payments are generally lower than car finance payments and might be the best car finance deal for you.

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