Buick Canada


“Luxury to Live, Coverage to Covet.”

Buick is a vehicle brand of General Motors (GM) that existed over a hundred years ago. It’s the oldest active American make that is synonymous with elegance and luxury. The prestigious brand produced a succession of successful models throughout the years. In 1923, it introduced four-wheel brakes, which was a breakthrough in carmakers. Buick’s current line-up seeks a younger audience. It is wildly successful in China and still expanding. In United States, lots of senior citizens prefer Buick. There are organizations and clubs dedicated to the preservation and restoration of automobiles built by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation.

2014 Verano Starting from $23,005

2014 Verano
Starting from $23,005

Regal Starting from $33,095

2014 Regal
Starting from $33,095

Lacrosse Starting from $35,795

2014 Lacrosse
Starting from $35,795