What to know when applying for a car loan

You too can be credit expert by using a loan calculator to determine your budget. Knowing what you can comfortably afford will guide your decision for the right car finance or car leasing in choosing the right car loan. Have bad credit? Apply today for a bad credit loan at New Car Sell Off. Ask a credit expert and use the loan calculator to determine your budget for both bad credit loans and car finance auto loans.



What is the process?

Step 1

Complete the online application and click “submit application”. After you apply, you’ll receive an auto response from New  Car Sell Off. All approvals are valid for 30 days and there is no obligation to activate the loan.

Apply Now For a Car Loan


Step 2

 We’ll help you find the right vehicle within our vast selection of inventory and then connect you to the dealership.

finding a new car

Step 3

 Visit the dealership and complete the transaction. Car finance loan package and instructions will be provided so you can    pick up your vehicle and complete your financing

taking delivery of a new car