Should I Finance, Lease or Pay Cash for my new car?

You found the right car deal for your budget now you need to find the best way and ask credit expert to pay for it. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method you might consider choosing. It depends on the car, how you want to own it (personal or business), your down payment and credit score. Even with bad credit, car finance deals are possible.

Buying with Cash

  • Eliminates car finance interest and financing fees
  • Saves thousands of dollars over the purchase price of your car.
  • Easier to sell your car if and when you choose (its free and clear from lender’s holding the title to it).
  • No payments


  • paying with cash reduces your ability to use that money towards another purpose. So a car finance loan provides flexibility in how you want to use your hard earned savings.


Depending on your situation, leasing might be right for you and could be your best car finance loan if you like driving a new car every few years.

  • Usually no down p