2014 Ford F250

As tough as nails, the Ford F-250 is much more utilitarian and truck-like than the Ram 2500. Which may, or may not be a good thing. The cabin is very comfortable, when riding in the F-250, you feel very high up in the air. The ride is well-dampened and comfortable. As the Ram Mega Cab, the F-250 offers a very spacious and comfortable backseat. In a 0-60 test run the Ford was marginally quicker than the Ram, less than one second difference between the two. There is an incredible amount of cargo and passenger space when you pair the Crew Cab with the long bed, while the Ram 2500 does not offer a long bed paired with the Mega Cab. When you think about the massive long bed and Crew Cab combination, your mind might go to maneuverability. Well, the turning radius of the Ford is greater than that of the Ram so this vehicle is more difficult to maneuver.


And The Winner Is…

In the recent years, the heavy duty truck industry is highly competitive, and to be honest, no matter which truck you buy you are going to get a highly capable truck. Overall, I will call the Ram 2500 the winner in this head-to-head competition. The impressive interior is more luxurious than in the Ford; and when you consider the massive towing and hauling capacity with the Cummins diesel engine, this is the more capable truck.
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By: Miranda Booher – Content Editor New Car Sell Off

2014 Ram 2500

Looking bold and impressive on the outside, Ram carries the same theme for the 2500 under the hood. The engine options offered are strong and efficient. The Mega Cab provides a huge amount of space for the backseat riders. From inside the cabin, the Ram is extremely luxurious and feels more car-like than the Ford. The ride is even smoother than the Ford. The Cummins diesel engine option is extremely powerful delivering an impressive amount of torque while providing excellent fuel economy. It does come as a disappointment that Ram’s new 8-speed transmission is not offered on the Heavy Duty models. Another drawback is the fact that there is no option for a long bed on the Mega Cab, while Ford does offer a long bed on the Crew Cab model. When properly equipped with the Cummins diesel engine, the Ram offers a heftier hauling, towing and payload capacity than the Ford.


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