Does Online Marketing Have You Puzzled?


  • Where Does New Car Sell Off Fit
  • What Makes Us Different
  • Why Do Consumers Love Us

Like all dealerships, the majority of your investment is tied up in NEW vehicle inventory. Until now, there has not been a single site that has focused on marketing your largest investment to the world. Product driven national ads may sizzle but they drive traffic to the product and not to your sales team. Are you interested in national sales numbers or your sales numbers? Let us be your solution and discuss on where does new car sell off fit in.

The internet is killing consumer loyalty and the need to “buy local” in almost every market segment. When buyers shop online for a product they know they can get at their local store already it's because they want a deal and they like how easy it is. Consumer habits have changed; that's a fact! New Car Sell Off gives them what they want and connects them to you. Get online with your entire inventory (not just used). Be where the consumer is to store up market share that is being grabbed up by the most progressive dealer internet sales departments.


If it isn't a little uncomfortable then you probably aren't doing it right. Yes, you have a website and yes you advertise your used cars on a third party site. That's great keep doing that. NewCarSellOff is not the same as those sites that you are used to seeing and working with.

We are finding ways to use the latest and greatest technology to reach out to the consumer in ways that make sense to them and go beyond telling them that you sell this brand of vehicle; guess what they already know that based on the big sign in front of your building. We have dared to do things like automate rebates so that consumers can see the specials up front (A Canadian First by the way). We took it one step further and allowed dealers to automatically discount vehicles based on days in inventory. You know that most buyers ultimately sign on the dotted line based on how much their payments are the difference is that we are the first ones in Canada to allow buyers to search and sort based on a bi-weekly payment. For years you have been taking 20+ pictures of that used car worth $5,000 to show the consumer what they are actually buying yet felt an artist rendition of the $50,000 vehicle you are trying to sell would suffice. Use our ready-to-go smart phone app to quickly load pictures of your inventory on your lot with your dealership in the background. You may think every new car is the same but the buyer of that next new car does not and that is what matters.

Take a few extra minutes with us and Checkout What Makes Us Different!


Why Do Consumers Love Us?

  1. Instant Gratification – Online buyers aren't the most patient of people. Do you think they would rather e-mail you to ask for pictures or see pictures the first time?
  2. Ease of Use – One site with vehicles from hundreds of dealerships vs. hundreds of sites with vehicles from 1 dealership.
  3. Shopping by Payment – 87% of car buyers will finance. Let them shop based on the way they are going to buy. No other site in Canada allows consumers to search and sort based on bi-weekly payment.
  4. Deals – Put your best foot forward. Consumers love it when someone else has done the negotiating for them.
  5. Pictures – It's a fact 80% of buyers will not engage a dealer on a vehicle that does not show pictures of that vehicle. PS - stock photos don't count.
  6. Relevant Information – Unique and Canadian content in the form of car reviews and comparisons that are both in written and video format. We strive to answer Canadian questions like, "How is the handling in the snow?" and "Can my hockey bag fit in the trunk?"
  7. Decision Making Tools – Build and price and the ability to compare up to 4 vehicles side by side and if that doesn't do the trick they can read one of the comparisons that our writers have put together.
  8. Mobile Friendly – Our responsive design means our site works seamlessly on mobile phones and tablets just as it does on a desktop or laptop.
  9. Communication – With over 8 ways to contact a dealer the buyer can chose what best suits them and keeps them comfortable.
  10. Confidence – Reviews are the new currency. People buy off others’ recommendations. We have incorporated industry leading review companies Google +, Yelp and other New Car Sell Off user experiences with the dealership to provide user feedback.
  11. Sell Off Alerts and Deal of the Day – Using these tools buyers can stay in the loop without having to login everyday to see what has changed and never miss that perfect deal.