homemade porsche

We would all love a classy sports car but if you couldn’t afford one could you be tempted by a homemade Porsche instead?

If you are still thinking about it then this may be a good moment to point out that it is mainly made of cardboard and plastic tubes. Oh, and it doesn’t actually have an engine. In fact, we could say that it is really a bicycle covered with a fake Porsche GT3 RS chassis.

Not Quite as Fast as a Real Porsche

Austrian born Johannes Langeder is the genius who decided to make a homemade Porsche. It works entirely through pedal power and has a top speed of 16 km/h.  It cost him around $20,000 to make, while a real Porsche like this would easily cost you over $200,000.

Langeder spent 6 months working on the car, with around 1,000 hours of work being put into it. His car weighs less than 100 kilograms and has two seats inside it. He said that he decided to get working on his homemade Porsche when he realised that it would be entirely legal to drive it in Germany.

He started off with a steel base but then made the rest of the car out of plastic tubes, aluminum foil and lots of tape.

Would you be happy pedalling along in a fake Porsche like this one?

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