When someone walks into your car dealership one of the first things you will want to do is work out what type of customer they are. After all, this will have a big effect on the sort of vehicle you offer them.

If you see a young, single male customer who looks like he has a lot of disposable income then there is a good chance that you will end up selling him a very different vehicle from the one you sell to a family with a few young children.

The quicker you identify the target market for each potential customer the more chance you have of selling to them. If this works when you are face to face with someone you can be sure that it works online as well, provided that you know how to go about it.

Show Them What They Want to See

The majority of people who look for a vehicle finally choose one which is different from the one they had in mind to begin with. This means that you need to be aware of the importance of guiding the client in the right direction. On the dealership lot this is relatively easy and it needn’t be too difficult on your site either. Your live chat facility can be a big help in answering questions and pointing people in the right direction. As well as that, you can also make sure that you offer sensible recommendation on other vehicles they might be interested in through links on the search results pages.

Tailor the Descriptions

You should also be able to work out what type of description could also help entice your target market into buying in each case. Sure, there are some vehicles which appeal to different groups of people but there are also many whose appeal is limited to certain groups. If we go back to that example in the first point of the family and the rich single guy we can see how each of them could be interested in different aspects of the vehicles they look at. For example, while the family might be looking for details of reliability, space and fuel efficiency the other customer might want to read about acceleration times and the maximum speed. You will already know from your experience what type of person looks at each kind of car, so put it to use in writing your vehicle descriptions.

Use Appropriate Images and Videos

As with the descriptions, it is possible to tailor your image and photos to the target market likely to be interested in it. Do they want to see images of how much trunk space it has or would they rather see the luxury touches on the seats or maybe the in-car entertainment system? There is a lot you could show in your videos and images so it pays to take your time and choose them wisely.

Use Your Blog

You can always use your blog to direct people to the cars you think they will be interested in as well. Writing posts about the kind of thing which most interest each type of driver is one way of getting them interested. You can then make it easy for them to reach your current inventory items through a link on the blog.