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When can we expect the Diesel Mazda6?


      The Mazda6 2.2 liter diesel V-4 with Skyactiv-D technology was one of the most anticipated cars following its first introduction at the L.A. auto show in 2012. Yet years later and we still don’t have it, what’s the hold up? While Mazda has admitted they have run into engineering problems, the car […]

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HitchBOT: The Robot that Hitchhiked Across Canada


      A common tradition for many Canadians is to travel across Canada. This journey has been made famous by people like Terry Fox, Fox was a one legged man who ran across Canada, to the Tim Horton’s commercials that told stories of Canadians going all the way across Canada and stopping at Tim […]

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Crazy Canadian Car Related Records

car related records

  Unbeknownst to most, okay I think essentially everyone, Canada holds some interesting car related world records. Here are 5 car related records I am pretty sure you didn’t know about. #5 Largest self-propelled vehicle made of ice As part of an advertising campaign to show that their batteries worked in extremely cold conditions Canadian […]

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Volkswagen Touareg getting New Look for 2015

Volkswagen’s Touareg

    Volkswagen has produced its second generation Touareg since 2010, which means it is nearing the end of its model cycle. As a result, Volkswagen has begun the process of revamping and restyling the Touareg. Volkswagen Touareg has fared well in its class of fellow SUVs, which means it will not get a massive […]

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Highway 401 gets a Supercharge

Highway 401

    Most Canadian drivers have heard of, if not driven, Canada’s busiest roadway — Highway 401 which stretches from Detroit to Montreal through Canada’s most populous corridor. Tesla recently opened a pair of recharging stations, called Supercharger stations, along the route on September 4th 2014. The goal in Tesla’s words is to ‘electrify Highway […]

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