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Auto Makers battle Hackers

auto makers

  A downside to pretty much every aspect of the modern world is hackers. A hacker is someone who tries to get inside private computer systems to steal valuable information or just be a nuisance. While we see great gains in productivity with the everyday usage of computers they also leave us susceptible to being […]

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Oil Changes are Important, but don’t overdo it

oil changes

    One of the most important upkeeps for your car is regular oil changes. Oil changes keep your car running top notch and are a cheap cure for many serious issues that can arise if you let the oil go bad. A common rule of thumb seems to be: change your oil every 3000 […]

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Is the Alpha Romeo Sedan coming to Canada?

Alpha Romeo

    As the calendar changes, so do Alfa Romeo’s plans; at the LA auto show Harald Wester, head of Alfa Romeo, said the company would unveil its second North American Model next June. The first was the sporty Alfa Romeo 4C. It is reported that this announcement will unveil their midsized sedan as the […]

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Managing the Car Gadget Explosion

car gadget

    Buying a vehicle now is a lot like buying a smartphone; you get the basic model but the most interesting part is all the upgrades and apps. Most vehicles now come with options like: blue tooth, navigation system, satellite radio, voice activation and no end of entertainment options like state of the art […]

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Best-Selling Automobiles in Canada for 2014

best-selling automobiles

  The list of the best-selling automobiles in Canada is out and while there are not many big surprises there has been a notable increase in cross overs and SUV sales. No doubt this was in part due to the relatively low price of gas in 2014. While in recent years Canadians were trending towards […]

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