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Autonomous Cars: How far away are they?

autonomous cars

      The word automobile came in part from the word autonomous, which means: to act on its own. This was a fitting name as automobiles allowed people a lot freedom; they allowed people a lot of autonomy. Well the next big step for the automobile might be close at hand as automobiles begin […]

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Car Upgrades that keep your Car Running like New

car upgrades

    Your car is a finely tuned mechanical device that should be inspected regularly.   With that said, there are some key things to check more often than others. Here is a list of some fairly inexpensive car upgrades for your car that will keep it running like new: New Timing Belt The timing belt […]

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The Thousand Dollar Question: New or Used Car?

used car

    While it isn’t a million dollar question, it is usually always a thousand dollar question; a few thousand in fact. That question being to buy a new or used car? It is amazing how much folklore there is out there with regards to this question. Most people have some opinion on the matter […]

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The Datsun Go told to stay where it is

Datsun Go

    The Datsun Go is marketed as a very affordable car; made in India the Go is supposed to retail for as little as $7,000. The big problem though, is it scored 0 on the Global New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). This is really bad! It is so bad in fact that various non-profit […]

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Infographic: When the Radio Met the Car

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