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What to do after you’ve been in a Car Accident

car accident

    Accidents are an unfortunate side effect of driving. While preventable, in many instances, sometimes they are just unavoidable. If you decide to drive, you take on a small risk that you’re going to be in an accident. What are the steps to follow after a car accident? Here are some key things to […]

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Canada and the Honda Civic: A long love Affair

Honda Civic

    The Honda Civic has been the bestselling passenger car in Canada for 16 years; in a very competitive car market, this really is an unprecedented length of time to remain on top. As it turns out it isn’t just Canadians who love the Civic but it seems the Civic loves Canada. In recent […]

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Will The Low Gas Prices Stick Around?

low gas prices

  You may have noticed, or let me rephrase that…. If you’re a driver, you have without a doubt, noticed the recent low gas prices at the pump. The recent low gas prices have many Canadians wondering if they hit a time warp and are back in the 90s with the big question being: are […]

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Toyota’s New Fuel Cell Car gets an Appropriate Name

fuel cell car

    Mirai (pronounced “mee-rye”) is the Japanese word for future and is now the name of Toyota’s new fuel cell car. This is a bold name for a bold new car. The Mirai isn’t due out until mid-2015 and will only be marketed in California for the first few months. Nonetheless, it promises to […]

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Winter is here but Have No Fear


  All Canadians know just how bad driving in winter conditions can be. Thus, it is very important to have some key accessories for your car.   I will quickly review some of the top winter car accessories. Winter Tires A good pair of winter tires is pretty much a must have to make it through […]

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