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Mazda Offers Unlimited Mileage Warranty in Canada


    Mazda really put their money where their mouth is this past month as it introduced a landmark new offer. Mazda will offer Canadian drivers who have purchased a 2015 model an unlimited mileage warranty. The offer will apply to the usual time frame for most warranties; like for example, the 5 year powertrain […]

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4 Common Upsells from Mechanics That You Don’t Need


  It is a common fact that many of the new car dealerships make most of their money by repairing and doing maintenance work on cars instead of selling them. Often times, most cars don’t need to necessarily have this service. This article will let you know what kind of repairs are recommended for your […]

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Mercedes Renames Utility Vehicles for 2015 Line


    The year 2015 is bringing big changes for Mercedes. Many of their models will be renamed. It’s not uncommon in the industry, nor is it anything new. Mercedes is not looking to shake up their whole system, like Infiniti did with the Q-itication, but they are trying to make things more simplex. The […]

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General Motors Says Its Newest Volt Model Will Have Significant Improvements


    The original Chevrolet Volt was released into the marketplace at one of the worst possible times in 2009, during the height of a major economic global recession. The parent company of Chevrolet, General Motors had just underwent bankruptcy and was bailed out under the Obama Administration’s controversial policies. Despite a gradual improvement in […]

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The Story of Auto Factory Automation

auto factory automation

      In the past, cars were made by large teams of workers. Thousands of persons would go the factory every day, and they would labor to build a car from the ground up. However, things have very much changed today. Modern cars are built by machines and robots that are able to work […]

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