If you were interested in buying a house and you started looking online, would you expect to see photos of the house you were looking to purchase? Would you even hang around on a website that had a house without any photos listed? Would you be satisfied with an artist’s rendering of the house, even though the property had already been built? Of course not! You would want to see actual photos of the house that you are interested in purchasing. The same goes for people interested in buying a car.

Make Visitors More Interested

Whether or not your website has actual photos of the vehicle for sale could determine if a purchaser looks more closely at the details of the vehicle or moves on to another website. In fact, according to AutoTrader, adding actual photos will make it 180% more likely for someone to continue to the Vehicle Details Page (VDP). There is currently no evidence that stock photos generate any more click throughs than having no photo at all. On New Car Sell Off, 78% of the customers will move onto the next vehicle if they see no images of the vehicle they are looking at. This is the case even when they find something which has a great price but no photo.

The more great photos you have of your vehicles the better. Another statistic, according to AutoTrader, is that websites with more than one custom photo are 90% more likely to generate click throughs from the search results page to the VDP. It would be a real shame to get someone interested in one of your cars only to lose them because you didn’t put on a real image they could check out. It takes hard work to bring in potential clients to your site so don’t let them slip through your hands in this way.

In fact, you should start to think of the internet as your online car lot. Yes, it is a bit of extra work to shoot a few pictures of each vehicle you sell. However, you spend all that time washing cars, putting up balloons and lining them up, why not spend the same amount of time on your virtual car lot. After all, this is where up to 90% of consumers start their shopping? Get a leg up on your competitors by doing this.

Easy to Do

The final piece of good news in this respect is that it is now easier than ever before to take good quality pictures of your vehicles. For a start, many of us now walk about all day long with a phone capable of taking great photos in our pocket. Once you take some pictures of your cars you should find that it is easy to upload them to the site you sell on and start impressing your visitors even more. Why not give it a try and see what results you get? It could be one of the best decisions you make this year. In fact, we offer an application to make uploading your photos easier than ever with just the click of a mouse!