Looking to research rebates? Car manufacturer’s don’t make their Canadian automotive rebates and incentives easy to find. They are layered deep within their site. In addition to being hard to find, they change often, they are difficult to understand and are confusing as to when they apply and to which area of Canada the rebate applies to.


research rebates

Research Rebates and hidden incentives……. 

The team at New Car Sell Off has tried to remove the mystery in finding out what rebates the vehicle you are looking at qualifies for..  We have listed all posted manufacturer rebates and incentives in an easy to use format. You can search for rebates on a specific vehicle. You can also search for rebates based on a type of vehicle. This works well if you are undecided on the model but know you want a truck for example. We have also highlighted the biggest rebates period on the site and the biggest rebates on fuel efficient vehicles.  Finally, we have listed the Provincial grants that are available for these fuel efficient vehicles.

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