There are lots of great urban myths around about cars, aren’t there? For a start, you want to be careful about that madman with an axe in the back and you definitely don’t want to flash your lights at any passing cars that don’t have their lights on. Most of these are scary stories which you don’t really take seriously but which maybe sow a seed of doubt in your mind.

However, the tale about drinking water from a plastic bottle which has been lying in a car for a while sounds more serious. Well, having an axe murderer in your back seat is pretty serious too, but the water bottle in cats thing sounds possibly more convincing.

Does It Cause Cancer?

The theory is that if you leave a bottle of water in a warm car for a period of time then toxins from the plastic leak into the water and can cause cancer in anyone who drinks it. According to the urban myth is was Sheryl Crow who revealed this to the world on a TV show but is it true?

The truth is that scientific research is being carried out into the matter and, to date, no conclusive evidence has been obtained one way or the other. A few people have warned the public about the dangers of drinking water which has been lying in the sun in a plastic bottle but it is impossible to say now that it causes cancer or any other serious disease. However, it probably makes sense not to drink water that has been sitting around in your car like this, as much for the germs as for anything else.