Kelley Blue Book


If you’ve ever shopped around for a used or new vehicle, boat or motorcycle, you’ve likely used the KBB, or Kelley Blue Book. The handy reference guide will list the values for trucks, cars, and additional vehicles. Oftentimes, you’ll hear buyers or sellers referring to an automobile’s ‘blue book value’ to which they’re referencing this book. It’s the ‘going’ cost for a vehicle, though the asking cost might be higher or lower.

While the KBB is helpful as you purchase a new car or additional vehicles, it’s especially helpful while buying used cars. Within the used car KBB, the vehicle book value will be divided into multiple categories which are determined by a vehicle’s condition. The vehicle which is deemed to be within excellent condition is going to have a higher value than an automobile which is poor, fair, or good condition. It’s important while considering purchasing of a used vehicle because you wish to ensure that you’re receiving a fair shake and not overpaying for an automobile. Therefore, it definitely helps to know the car’s book value you’re considering. This book also can be utilized to get values within the categories of trade in suggested retail value, value, and private party value. It makes the blue book virtually indispensable.

Also, the Kelley Blue Book lists trade values upon vehicles. It’s possible to look up your used truck or car and access the trade value upon that car. If you’re planning on trading the car in, it may provide you a great idea of what the value of your car is, and what you’re looking at as far as the trade-in offer from a dealer goes. The used vehicle blue book is very popular and may be a big help while considering purchasing a used car. It may mean the difference in between paying an asking price and having the ability to negotiate down the cost by a couple of hundred dollars or more.

A Kelley Blue Book is obtainable both in hard copy and online. The Internet version of the blue book includes an easily navigable tool which permits users to check used vehicle values or new vehicle pricing. Also, there’s one for several additional vehicle categories, which include classic cars, motorcycles, and boats.

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