When the going gets tough, the tough get going
(dealing with dealerships)

Don't kiss on your first date
(do your research first)

Look both ways before you cross the street
(buying over the internet - really?)

Pick me up at 8 and don't be late
(delivery of your new vehicle)

A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush
(sealing the deal)

A dollar saved is a dollar earned
(financial considerations)

Out with the old and in with the new
(trade-in considerations)

Better safe than sorry
(always practice "buyer beware")

These dealers are motivated. They may be overstocked, have certain models that aren't selling in their area, or they just want to free up some lot space for faster moving inventory. Whatever their reasons, you get to reap the benefits. The dealers are offering new vehicles at little or even no profit to themselves and you get the advantages of purchasing a brand new, quality car or truck complete with warranty, service, financing and that new-car smell. Since the prices are so low, there probably won't be any room to negotiate for either the price or extras. Make sure any promises are in writing on the bill of sale and don't assume anything about the vehicle or the transaction - ask!

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