Buying a vehicle through New Car Sell Off isn't like buying from your local dealership the traditional way. The normal process involves going to 5 or 6 local dealerships, test driving a bunch of vehicles, haggling with the salesman over price and then leaving with your new vehicle, with you not quite sure how it happened or even if you got the best deal. At New Car Sell Off, we bring deeply discounted new vehicles to you regardless of where they are. No more bad dealership coffee, arm wrestling with the champ. Just sit at your computer, enter your search criteria and great deals will appear. We help you shop throughout Western Canada, taking advantage of regional market differences and demand, to bring the best of these deals to the forefront of your search every day.
Sometimes you need to find the
biggest savings.
If you're very specific, you may not find exactly what you're looking for and you may be missing a true bargain. Try to be as flexible as possible in your requirements. Consider different brands and colours to truly find your best deal.
The purchase process requires patience.
We know you came to this site because, like us, you hate paying full retail price for anything. This doesn't make you cheap, it makes you smart with your money. Since this isn't likely your first time searching out a great buy, I probably don't need to tell you that it can take a little time and patience to find what you want at the price you want to pay. Through the "Sell Off Alert", we give you the chance to ask for what you want and have us notify you when it appears - so you don't need to repeat your search every day to see if your dream car has beenposted on New Car Sell Off.

Any large purchase can be daunting especially if you are unfamiliar
with the seller.
Test drive the model at your local dealership - all new examples of a specific model will drive the same. With new vehicles, there should not be any cosmetic or mechanical defects. In the rare occurrence the vehicle arrives with deficiencies that were not disclosed, the dealer will address these to ensure your satisfaction. Manufacturers penalize dealers if customers aren't completely satisfied with their purchase. The dealer doesn't want the bad publicity and will do what it takes, within reason, to make you happy. Dealerships are also regulated by the province's Motor Vehicle Dealers Association, adding peace of mind. Before you commit to buying, go to the dealerships and shop and compare. Tests drive the vehicles, get to know the features, make sure the vehicle fits what you're looking for. Compare the lot price with the price on New Car Sell Off. You may even find that the differences aren't substantial enough to warrant using this site. If the dealership selling through New Car Sell Off is truly motivated you should find that their price won't be beat.
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